Park Introduction

The park is located in the south of xianghe county, with developed traffic, superior economic environment and advantaged location. Xianghe river is located in the north of the north China plain, bordering Beijing and tianjin on all sides, known as the "pearl of Beijing and capital" reputation. The county covers a land area of 458 square kilometers and has a total population of 330,000. Its comprehensive economic strength ranks among the top three in langfang city and the 12th in hebei province. It is a gold plate with the most vitality and development potential in the capital economic circle and even the bohai economic circle. Xianghe is the one of only three border at the same time part of the Beijing and tianjin, also is one of the provincial green ring the capital economic circle 14 counties, only 45 kilometers from the city center, 70 kilometers from the center of tianjin, is the core of the bohai economic circle hinterland, beijing-tianjin gold nodes, "an hour economic circle", centered on xianghe city more than 500 kilometers millions worldwide population more than 10, 200 million permanent residents, a huge consumer market.