Wuhan has been rated as a benchmark city for building an international business environment in China

On July 2, the global times and China chamber of commerce for international cooperation in private economy jointly held the 2019 China international business environment summit forum and the release conference of the report on investment evaluation of China's urban business environment, and wuhan was named as the benchmark city for building China's international business environment. In addition, chengdu, dalian, changsha, Qingdao and guiyang (excluding municipalities directly under the central government) were also rated as the benchmark cities for building an international business environment in China. Business environment is an important soft power of a city, and also the core competitiveness of a city. At present, wuhan is committed to embark on a new journey of rejuvenation of greater wuhan, and many major national strategies and more than 40 national-level reform pilot projects have been launched in wuhan. In the first half of this year, the number of newly registered market entities increased by more than 7% year on year, maintaining a momentum of steady and sound development. "Facing the future, the only way for wuhan to win the initiative of high-quality development is to optimize the business environment, which is the most sustainable and powerful way to improve the level and core competitiveness of the city," said the head of wuhan development and reform commission. This year, our city has set the overall goal of ranking among the top 10 cities in China and the first in central China for its business environment. The whole city is making every effort to improve the business environment. "We will strive to build a city with the best government services and the best business environment in the country with a firm commitment to work." The official said the city has made efforts in four areas to improve its business environment. Wuhan's improvement of its business environment has been well received by third parties. The huambo new economic research institute and other institutions have released a report on China's urban business environment index 2019, ranking it sixth among the top 100 cities in China in terms of economic scale. Wuhan's per capita infrastructure environment and talent environment rank first among the new first-tier cities. In China's urban development potential ranking: 2019 released by the Evergrande research institute, wuhan ranks seventh among the top 10 cities with great development potential. An analysis of 282 of the world's top 500 enterprises in China shows that wuhan has expanded its scope of opening-up, broadened its fields, deepened its levels, optimized its layout and improved its quality. By practicing a higher level of openness, wuhan has promoted high-quality development. In the new round of competition, the "international han" is getting closer and closer to the world. More than 60% of the world's top 500 enterprises from outside wuhan are opening their doors wider and wider. Not only are the world's top 500 enterprises growing fast, but their sources of origin are also getting wider and wider. According to statistics, in the han world's top 500 enterprises, more than 60% come from abroad. The main sources of foreign origin include the United States, Japan, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and so on. Among them, there are more than 50 fortune 500 companies from the United States. From Hong Kong and Taiwan at the beginning of the reform and opening up, to Sweden, Italy and India this year. From the perspective of industry, the world's top 500 enterprises in China have diversified industrial distribution, with electronics and electronic equipment, automobiles and parts, biomedicine, energy conservation and environmental protection, and financial and insurance as the main industries. From the perspective of the newly added projects of world top 500 enterprises in wuhan in recent years, emerging industries, such as biomedicine, electronics and electronic equipment, have flooded in, accelerating the upgrading of industrial structure. Especially in the field of biomedicine, such biomedicine enterprises as Pfizer of the United States, fresenius kabi of Germany and bayer of Germany have entered into wuhan, greatly enhancing the international competitiveness of wuhan's life and health industry. In the early years of reform and opening up and the 1990s, the investment of fortune 500 enterprises mainly focused on food processing, real estate, automobile, etc. In the future, financial services, energy conservation and environmental protection will become new highlights of wuhan's opening up, and foreign enterprises in related fields will accelerate their deployment in the country, said a person in charge of the municipal bureau of commerce. 3. Opening up more r&d centers and establishing regional headquarters in the world's top 500 enterprises in China. The enterprises have diversified business formats, including the establishment of headquarters, r&d centers, operating sites, production bases, joint ventures, branches or subsidiaries. In recent years, more and more enterprises have set up research and development centers in wuhan. At present, IBM, HP, honeywell, deutsche telekom, Siemens, schneider and other fortune 500 companies have set up r&d institutions in wuhan. Many fortune 500 companies have set up regional headquarters in wuhan. For example, France auchan group will set its central China headquarters in wuhan. More and more research and development institutions and regional headquarters of fortune 500 enterprises have settled in wuhan, making the city more and more open to the outside world and recognized for its scientific and technological innovation capacity. 4. Foreign investment promotes the high-quality development of wuhan. "international fan" is one of the top 500 enterprises in the world, which has rapidly become an important engine to promote the high-quality development of wuhan's economy and improve the level of internationalization. In the manufacturing sector, a number of key foreign investment projects with large investment scale, strong technological innovation capacity and strong industrial driving capacity, such as corning, nexteer and cooper, have been settled down, which have promoted the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry in wuhan. A number of high-tech enterprises, such as nextev energy and sitwalker, have invested in research and development projects in China, bringing together a group of high-level scientific research talents and developing a number of high-tech projects, enhancing wuhan's independent innovation capacity and industrial competitiveness, and helping wuhan build itself into a national high-level scientific and technological innovation center. Last year, the GDP grew by 9.7 percent, the actual utilization of foreign capital increased by 16.1 percent, and the output value of the high-tech industry increased by 16.1 percent. Its overall strength rose to the fifth in the national high-tech zones. Citic Pacific and other well-known real estate development and commercial service enterprises have settled down here to build an international community, further promote the upgrading of the service industry, and greatly improve the image and quality of life of wuhan as an international city. (huang ying, reporter of changjiang daily) wuhan attracts 16 world top 500 enterprises to settle down in half a year, setting the highest number of 282 in nearly 5 years! With the signing of SAP, another one of the world's top 500 enterprises has settled in wuhan, and the number of the world's top 500 enterprises in China has been renewed again. More than a month ago, during the wuhan international economic and trade conference, the number was 277. With the continuous improvement of the city's opening level, wuhan has become more and more "international" as the world's top 500 enterprises come to wuhan to start the "acceleration". According to the municipal bureau of commerce on July 2, from January to June this year, the number of global top 500 enterprises in China increased by 16, surpassing the total number added in the whole of last year and the fastest growth in the past five years. This year, shell oil, psa Peugeot Citroen and other multinational giants have launched new projects in China. Corning display technology, dongfeng nissan and other well-known foreign companies have accelerated their investment in China. Tata, a multinational company, became the first Indian fortune 500 company to enter wuhan. The financial and insurance world top 500 companies represented by allianz of Germany have also settled in wuhan to expand its opening to the outside world. Yin jinming, vice President of SAP China, a multinational software giant newly established in wuhan, said: "wuhan is a promising place for enterprises to invest and start their own businesses, with abundant human resources, efficient government, sound intellectual property rights and the rule of law." According to the municipal bureau of commerce, wuhan has achieved fruitful results in absorbing foreign capital in recent years, and its actual utilization of foreign capital has achieved rapid growth on a large-scale basis. According to the statistics of the municipal bureau of commerce, in the past five years, the number of new world top 500 enterprises in wuhan every year is about 10 to 15. In 2018, 10 new world top 500 enterprises and nearly 100 new investment projects were added to wuhan. From January to June this year, the number of Chinese companies on the world's top 500 increased by 16, bringing the total number to 282. As a result, the growth of the world's top 500 enterprises in the first half of this year exceeded that of the whole of last year, and the growth also reached the highest level in nearly five years. The reporter combed through the number of the world's top 500 enterprises around the world and found that wuhan is the most settled city in the central region. By 2018, compared with chengdu, hangzhou, nanjing, xi 'an, chongqing, tianjin, suzhou, Qingdao, shenyang, zhengzhou, changsha and other new first-tier cities, wuhan had the highest number of enterprises settled in the world's top 500, second only to chengdu and chongqing. In terms of increment, it can be seen from other cities, especially first-tier cities, that the further growth of enterprises in the top 500 will slow down after reaching a certain scale. In guangzhou, for example, there were 297 in 2017. By June this year, there were only 4 new ones, reaching 301. Chengdu had 285 in 2018, up only four from the previous year. Wuhan added 16 in the first six months of this year. With better business environment and stronger foreign investment policies, more and more world top 500 companies are willing to invest in China. The pace of global top 500 companies is accelerating and more and more projects are being invested in China. Winfried bostmann, China head of the German federation of small and medium-sized enterprises, has been to hann four times in less than a year and is leading a group of executives from the airport group of central Germany to seek partners. "Standard chartered bank has been in wuhan for more than eight years, and we have felt the continuous improvement of the business environment in wuhan, which has brought us more power and confidence," said a person in charge of the bank, which recently opened its wuhan bund branch in wuhan. The optimization of wuhan's business environment and the support of foreign investment policies have enhanced the confidence of the world's top 500 enterprises in investing in wuhan. This year, wuhan released a plan to improve the business environment, and compared it with Beijing and Shanghai to simplify links, optimize procedures, reduce time and reduce materials. Through process reengineering, seven key indicators of the business environment have been significantly improved. This year, wuhan city also issued "12 foreign capital" and other measures.