Shanghai launched business environment reform 3.0

On the basis of version 1.0 and version 2.0, Shanghai has launched version 3.0 of the business environment reform, striving for a better business environment, China business news reported. On August 7, the Shanghai advisory committee on the improvement of the business environment was established in Shanghai, employing a number of professionals as advisory members. These advisory committee members will collect and sort out the centralized demands of enterprises, and organize and carry out solution research, so as to form a more operational preliminary plan, so as to make the optimization and improvement of the business environment in Shanghai more down-to-earth and effective. Former us Treasury secretary Lawrence summers said Tuesday that the us designation of China as a "currency manipulator" is not true, damaging the credibility of the us government and risking a us recession, xinhua reported. In addition, Nobel prize-winning economist Paul krugman said that some politicians in the United States claim that the devaluation of the RMB is a manipulation of the exchange rate, but ignore the impact of the new tariffs on Chinese imports on the exchange rate. The exchange rate move is a reflection of the greater role of the market. The ministry of commerce (mofcom) announced on August 7 that it would no longer impose import tariff quota administration on soybean oil and other products. Article 3 is amended to read: "the varieties of agricultural products subject to the administration of import tariff quota are: wheat (including its flour and grains), corn (including its flour and grains), rice (including its flour and grains), sugar, cotton, wool and woolen slivers." Compared with the interim measures, there is less soybean oil, rapeseed oil and palm oil. China's gold reserves stood at 62.26 million ounces at the end of July, worth us $88.876 billion, an increase of 320,000 ounces from the previous month, the eighth month in a row, according to the people's bank of China. China's foreign exchange reserves fell by us $15.5 billion in July, ending a two-month winning streak, according to central bank data. The general office of the national development and reform commission and the comprehensive department of the national energy administration issued the notice "opinions on deepening the pilot construction of the spot market for electric power". According to the circular, the medium - and long-term electricity transactions and the spot market should be coordinated, and the medium - and long-term electricity transactions should be included in the priority power generation and power purchase according to the development of the market. In conjunction with spot trials of electric power, we will actively promote the development of a market for auxiliary electric power services, and marketize the compensation mechanism for such auxiliary services as frequency modulation and standby. From January 1, 2020, ETC users (those who have not installed onboard devices) will no longer enjoy the basic preferential policy of no less than 5% of vehicle tolls in principle, xinhua learned from the ministry of transport on January 7. The circ issued a document to strengthen the management and supervision of insurance assets and liabilities. The circ issued the interim measures on the management and supervision of insurance assets and liabilities, which pointed out that insurance companies should assume the main responsibility for the management of assets and liabilities, establish and improve the management system of assets and liabilities, and continuously improve the management level of assets and liabilities. Part of the responsibilities of asset and liability management can be performed by the insurance group, and relevant functions such as asset allocation and account management can be entrusted to third-party institutions such as the insurance asset management company. An insurance company shall promptly monitor the matching of assets and liabilities and guard against the risk of mismatching of assets and liabilities. Tesla's Shanghai gigafactory is expected to be officially put into operation by the end of this year. On August 7, tesla announced via its official weibo account that the construction of its Shanghai gigafactory has been smooth, only 7 months after the construction started, and it is expected to be officially put into operation by the end of 2019.