The formulation of the regulations on improving the business environment in Beijing will be accelerated

How will Beijing implement the regulations on improving the business environment? A symposium revealed Beijing's next goal: to listen carefully to the views of all sectors of society and speed up the formulation of the regulations on improving the business environment in Beijing. In addition, the 9+N policy for improving the business environment will be upgraded to version 3.0 and will be published and implemented in the near future. Experts believe that the national regulations provide a basis for local governments to promote the resolution of such difficult issues as the "denial of market access", market exit obstacles, "difficulty in financing, high cost of financing", lengthy approval procedures, and excessive and frequent law enforcement inspections. The new regulations on improving the business environment (hereinafter referred to as the "regulations") promulgated by the state council will take effect on January 1, 2020. How will Beijing implement the regulations? Yesterday afternoon, Beijing held a symposium on the study and implementation of the regulations, which was attended by 18 relevant comrades, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from the municipal development and reform commission, the municipal government affairs service bureau, the municipal market supervision bureau and other business environment departments. At the meeting, wang jun, deputy secretary general of the Beijing municipal government, said that Beijing will speed up the formulation of the regulations on improving the business environment in Beijing and implement the principle provisions of the national regulations in the form of local regulations. Wang jun is introduced, the regulations related to broad areas, systematic, professional strong, a lot of rules involve the rights and obligations under the market main body and the immediate interests, as the government must take the provisions of the regulations realization real understand, carefully controlled the regulations about requirements, with the fastest speed, the most solid steps implement the regulations each content, enhance the government service consciousness, enhance the level of government services, protect the legal rights to the market main body. At the same time, extensive publicity will be carried out to encourage market players and the public to make Suggestions and Suggestions, so as to create a favorable atmosphere for everyone to participate in the building of a business environment and promote the continuous improvement of the business environment. Beijing will speed up the drafting of regulations on improving the city's business environment, wang said. Beijing will be the implementation of the national "byelaw" as an opportunity, combining the reality of Beijing, to speed up the research the optimization of Beijing business environment regulations, refining in the form of local laws and regulations to carry out the principle of "byelaw" provisions of the state, adhere to the open weave regulations at the same time, listen to opinions from all walks of life, to solve the problem of enterprise prominent pain points difficult point, to build international first-class business environment highlands provide strong legal support. In addition, Beijing will continue to deepen reform, according to the Beijing development and reform commission. Before a stage, and Beijing in 2018 introduced the "9 + N" version 1.0 reform policy and the "9 + N" was introduced in February 2.0 the reform policies, on the basis of widely listen to opinions from all walks of life, carefully combed enterprises reflect the problem, the city focused on 56 department, formed the optimize business environment reform policy version 3.0, will be printed in the near future, and strive to achieve new breakthrough on key link and difficult problem, continue to do demonstration in national state, benchmarking, get enterprise and masses get more feeling, promote reform of Beijing business environment to a new level. According to statistics, Beijing has comprehensively sorted out the basic standing book of the country's reform of the business environment and released 132 documents on the reform of "delegating, delegating, delegating, delegating, delegating, delegating, delegating, delegating, delegating, delegating, delegating, delegating, delegating, delegating, delegating, delegating, delegating, delegating, delegating, delegating, delegating, delegating, delegating, and improving the business environment since 2017. Business license can be opened in the "e-window" online examination and approval, processing links from 7 streamlined to 1, the processing time from 24 days to 1 day, the enterprise can apply for the same day, the same day to obtain the license, in the country's first into the "1" era. Baozhiproperty has set up a Beijing Internet court to centrally administer 11 types of internet-related cases and provide one-stop services for the parties involved. By the end of September, 35,000 cases had been handled and 26,000 cases closed. In the past two years, the customs clearance time for goods imported and exported through tianjin port has been reduced to 237 hours in total, promoting the sustained and rapid growth of foreign trade. In the first nine months of this year, the total import and export volume of the Beijing region reached 2.11 trillion yuan, up 4.6% year on year and 1.8 percentage points higher than that of the whole country. The examination and approval functions of the 14 examination and approval departments were reduced or merged, and the items of examination and approval services were reduced from 224 to 107. The number of procedures for building permits was reduced from 23 to 5, and the time limit was reduced from 208 days to 20 days. In the first nine months of this year, an additional 148.1 billion yuan was cut in taxes and fees. Businesses and individuals have generally benefited from this reduction, and it is estimated that nearly 180 billion yuan will be cut in taxes and fees for the whole year. Improving the business environment is a top priority project in Beijing, according to a statement by the municipal commission of development and reform (NDRC). According to the introduction, 6 leaders in charge of the city are in charge of the research and promotion of reform and coordination in the field of management. At the same time, special classes on business environment were established in the city to coordinate the reform work of the city. Led by 7 departments including the municipal development and reform commission, 56 departments and 16 districts of the city participated in the work, forming a team of 165 staff members. Since the beginning of this year, Beijing has held more than 60 city-level conferences on special issues and over 200 inter-departmental coordination meetings. They have conducted in-depth studies on reform paths and measures and effectively coordinated and solved a number of key and difficult problems. They have become an important guarantee for breaking through various obstacles and obstacles, deepening reform and implementing effective policies. In addition, Beijing and tianjin have worked together to establish a joint working mechanism. The joint leading group, led by the deputy mayors of the two cities, has set up a joint working group, and formed a system of rotating weekly scheduling meetings between the two cities, so as to continuously improve the level of cross-border trade facilitation in Beijing and tianjin. The reporter understands from the macro level, in 2017 Beijing led by the reform and optimization of business environment and implementation plan ", 2018 "to further optimize the business environment action plan (2018-2020), is proposed to build Beijing service efficiency, Beijing, Beijing standards and good faith construction of demonstrative project of" big four "and the international first-class business environment of ground targets, and decompose the 298 specific task list, has been clear about the optimization schedule of doing business and working drawing nearly three years. At the micro level, Beijing has issued a series of reform policies to improve the business environment in version 1.0 and version 2.0, and has been addressing key and difficult issues. In March 2018, issued the "9 + N" version 1.0 reform policies, focusing on the "three to streamline a transparent", focus on starting a business, building permits, pay taxes, for electricity, cross-border trade, access to credit, property registration, and other areas of the seven, introduced 35 short and hard working, practical work reform policies, efficient and effective reform results have been achieved. In February, Beijing continues to issued "9 + N" version 2.0 reform policies, on the basis of evaluation indexes for the world bank, combined with the enterprise and the masses demand, focus on "Jane process, superior service, cost reduction, strong regulation" four aspects, 69 reform policies introduced, field more widely and more targeted, higher gold content, reform the effect is more obvious. Focus on two new foreign investment enterprise established in the first nine months of this year, 1251 yesterday, the reporter understands from the Beijing municipal development and reform commission, in order to optimize the business environment, Beijing continues to increase, "a door, a network, a window, a" reform, the masses for the enterprise to provide attitude warm heart, channel integration, on the way on the convenience, the technology on intelligent quality e-government service. Among them, we vigorously promoted the policy of "entering only one door", and realized that 996 government affairs services from 54 departments at the municipal level could be handled in service halls, with the rate reaching 80% at all levels. We vigorously implemented the "one network for all" policy, enabling 90% of government services at both urban and rural levels to be handled online. We will vigorously promote one-window access, so that more than 70 percent of all government services can be handled at an integrated window. According to the Beijing development and reform commission, Beijing is actively promoting the re-engineering of the approval process for foreign-invested and foreign-invested enterprises, and is the first in China to adopt the "single window and single form" mode for the registration and filing of foreign-invested enterprises. The utilization of foreign capital in Beijing remained stable. From January to September this year, 1,251 foreign-funded enterprises were set up in the city, an increase of 6.9% over the same period last year. Actual utilized foreign capital reached us $12.53 billion, up 3.3 percent year on year, accounting for 12 percent of China's total utilized foreign capital. In the country in 2018, Beijing pioneered small micro enterprise voltage power access "zero for examination and approval of the door, zero, zero investment" SanLing service, make the link from 6 to 2, reduced the average by 141 days to 15 days, access cost from $192000 to 0 yuan, Beijing and Japan, the united Arab emirates, become the world's only three power full free access to the region. Beijing is expected to cut taxes and fees by nearly 180 billion yuan this year, a person in charge of the Beijing municipal development and reform commission said yesterday, the city is expected to cut taxes and fees for enterprises by nearly 180 billion yuan this year. The person in charge of the introduction, Beijing resolutely implement the national tax reduction and fee reduction policy, the top implementation of the tax reduction, the scale of tax reduction in the country's provinces (districts, cities) the largest. In the first nine months of this year, a total of 148.1 billion yuan was cut in taxes and fees, benefiting businesses and individuals. It is estimated that nearly 180 billion yuan will be cut in taxes and fees this year. At the same time, we will increase financial input and reduce the operating costs of enterprises, saving them about 2 billion yuan each year. Among them, the establishment of enterprises to carve the official seal free, saving 60 million yuan a year; Review of construction drawings and government procurement services, saving 350 million yuan per year; The whole process of bidding and tendering for construction projects was made electronic, reducing transaction costs by 600 million yuan. We will provide water, power and gas services to small and micro projects, saving about 800 million yuan per year. The official said that the continuous improvement of the business environment has injected inexhaustible impetus into economic development. The momentum of innovation and entrepreneurship in Beijing continued to grow. The number of new high-tech enterprises set up in Beijing each day increased significantly year by year, from 98 in 2017 to 200 in 2018 to 250 now, and the number of state-level high-tech enterprises has doubled to 25,000. The city has 82 unicorn enterprises, nearly half of the country. Scientific and technological innovation capacity was constantly enhanced, and the city's r&d investment intensity reached 6.2%, far higher than the average level of 2.5% in OECD countries. For the second year in a row, Beijing's scientific research output ranked first in the world in the evaluation index of the British journal nature, and Beijing has become the most active city for innovation and entrepreneurship in the world. Gao shengping, professor of renmin university of China, li chang 'an, professor of university of international business and economics, liu chunsheng, associate professor of central university of finance and economics and other experts gave an in-depth interpretation of the regulations at the forum yesterday afternoon. They believe that the promulgation of the regulations is a major breakthrough in the legalization of the business environment in China, and in particular provides an important institutional guarantee for local governments to optimize the business environment. , experts say, the regulations for the local promote reform and pointed out the direction of doing business, to optimize the environment of doing business for the first time the regulations clearly define the objectives, scope, principles of, open and transparent government work, policy formulation of opinions, protection of rights and interests of small and medium-sized investors, equal competition and obtain elements, inclusive prudential supervision and a series of new measures, the key points in the next step to optimize business environment around the reform. At the same time, the regulations for the local business environment reform provides a strong guarantee for it, and put the regulations in recent years, various areas in terms of optimizing the business environment and effective policy, experience, practice, to rise to the laws and regulations, make its further systematic, standardized, strengthens the authority, effectiveness and legally binding, stimulated the enthusiasm of the local reform and initiative. In addition, the regulations provide the basis for place to promote the reform of doing business, focusing on enterprise centered on the regulations of "is not allowed access to camp", the market exit barriers, formalities for examination and approval of "financing difficulties, financing expensive", more time is long, the law enforcement inspection too much pain points difficult problems such as frequency, made clear provision from the institutional level, makes up the blank of the regulations, to further deepen the reform provides guidance and support. Fourth, it has stabilized market expectations and boosted business confidence. The panel of enterprises fully affirmed the release of the regulations, and agreed that the regulations provide legal guarantee for enterprises to move forward with light loads and speed up, which is conducive to stimulating the enthusiasm of various market entities, as well as the market vitality and social creativity of various regions. The regulations establish the basic norms for the business environment in which domestic and foreign-invested enterprises and other market entities are treated as equals, which is conducive to creating a market environment of fair competition. In addition, the government's role in optimizing the business environment has been clarified from the aspects of regulatory responsibilities, regulatory methods and regulatory behaviors, which has further promoted the profound transformation of government functions. The regulations are of strong guiding and universal applicability. They will not only help local governments and departments to further copy and promote their mature experience, but also avoid the formalism of some local governments and departments only focusing on formulating and issuing documents and only doing "prescribed actions" in the process of improving the business environment. , foreign economic and trade university professor, national research institute researcher Xu Chen (Beijing) opening to the outside for a long time, China did not establish unified evaluation index of business environment, business environment evaluation of a lack of authority of all kinds of institutions, many localities and departments, the world bank reference index system about business environment (doing business), but the system is a ranking of 190 economies in the world business environment evaluation and applied it in all over China are still lack of unified credibility. "Byelaw" will promote the establishment of unified national evaluation index, evaluation system and evaluation standard to assess the actual level of around the business environment, doing business around the designated line, formed around the optimization of business environment, the benign competition, deepen the reform and opening to the outside change around very GDP, economic growth is one-sided evaluation standard, enhance the level of marketization, under the rule of law, internationalization, and finally realize high quality development. -- liu chunsheng, associate professor at the central university of finance and economics The regulations only set up a chapter of "legal protection", which further clarifies the boundary for effective regulation of administrative power through the section of "policy formulation and implementation", and draws a "red line" for equal and comprehensive protection of the rights of market subjects in violation of the law through the section of "legal responsibility". In terms of power regulation, we should firmly grasp the key issue of "policy making", regulate it from the perspective of upper law, listen to the opinions of market entities, trade associations, Chambers of commerce and lawyers' associations, and solicit public opinions from the whole society. In addition, the "fair competition review" mechanism, "normative document legitimacy review mechanism" and "overall coordination mechanism" have also been set up to ensure that the policies formulated can receive legal and effective, coordinated and positive incentive effects to the greatest extent.