Guangzhou begins the business environment reform 3.0 era

In an hour and a half, the entrepreneurs got the first business license issued by guangzhou through the "blockchain + AI (artificial intelligence)" platform. In the first three quarters of the year, guangzhou welcomed 248,200 newly registered enterprises, and the number of market entities in the city reached 2.26 million. This means that about 909 new enterprises choose guangzhou as the "starting place" on average every day. The surge of market vitality is a direct manifestation of the optimization of the business environment. For an enterprise, a good business environment can enable the enterprise to develop lightly and speed up. For a city, a good business environment is a compass to attract the inflow of human, material, social capital and other factors of production, and a cornerstone to promote high-quality economic development. There is nothing better than a better business environment. In the action plan for guangzhou to promote a modern international business environment (hereinafter referred to as the plan), it is clear that guangzhou should take the lead in connecting with the international advanced business rules, create a globally competitive business environment, promote a modern international business environment in guangzhou to create new colors, and strive to build itself into an international metropolis. The task is clear: focus on the areas of greatest concern to businesses and the general public, focus on reducing process, time, cost and service, and address the most prominent issues in the business environment. To build a world-class business environment and a "guangzhou sample" of a modern international business environment is a bright prospect for guangzhou's high-quality economic development. How long will it take reform to energize the market to start a business? How to prepare the materials and run the department? Entrepreneurial youth liu chao had a variety of scenarios. An hour and a half is the speed at which she got the first business license through the "blockchain + AI" platform in China, and it is also the answer given by the business environment in guangzhou. At the end of August, Mr. Chen, who is from yiyang, hunan province, said he was worried before the application. "at the beginning, I was worried that I would have to go to a lot of offices, stamp a lot, and submit various materials repeatedly," he said. Through WeChat business license, let him hang in the heart of the "stone" fell to the ground. Business registration is the first threshold for starting a business and the key to stimulating market vitality. The "blocking point" of the enterprise is the breakthrough point of the commercial system reform. According to the plan, guangzhou should carry out a new round of commercial system reform, innovate the commercial registration mode, promote "artificial intelligence + robot" electronic business registration to cover the whole business, the whole process and the whole region, comprehensively improve the time limit for starting up enterprises, and promote the simultaneous acceleration of enterprises' "access" and "quasi-business". Reduce process, reduce time, reduce cost, excellent service... A series of reforms have been rolled out in guangzhou. On April 12, guangzhou municipal government issued the implementation plan of deepening commercial system reform in guangzhou to carry out a new round of commercial system reform. Taking yuexiu district as an example, from the submission of materials to get the business license, official seal, invoice and bank account opening, only 1 day, as soon as 2 hours. In order to solve the problems such as the ease of obtaining a license and the difficulty in obtaining a license, and the denial of business access, guangzhou market supervision bureau has comprehensively carried out the classification reform of the first batch of 106 administrative examination and approval items concerning enterprises under the "separation of licenses and licenses", promoted the "license reduction after licensing", and ensured the simultaneous acceleration of the "access" and "permitted business". Further breakthroughs were made in difficulties. On October 24, yuexiu district market supervision bureau issued the first set of "joint office license", taking the lead in the city to achieve "admittance is permitted camp". "By the end of this year, we will carry out the pilot reform of the separation of licenses and licenses in the nansha free trade zone, covering all 523 business licensing items set by the central government, and promote the reduction of licenses and the simplification of examination and approval." Guangzhou market supervision bureau deputy director ding li revealed. Market access is further relaxed, speeded up and optimized, which has become a "sharp weapon" to attract enterprises to invest in guangzhou. "This is my first time to set up a company in guangzhou. Convenience and speed are my biggest feelings." Guangzhou sabuli trading co., LTD. Legal person, sabuli from Egypt chose to settle the enterprise yuexue, they will immediately experience one-stop "do immediately", registered capital "unlimited" convenience. According to the data, the whole process took 3.25 days to complete in the assessment of the convenience of setting up enterprises in various cities of guangdong last year. At present, 301 of the world's top 500 enterprises have invested or set up institutions in guangzhou. "Guangzhou will also promote a new round of business system reform and explore new breakthroughs in the reform of the business system. By the end of 2019, the time of business establishment will be reduced to one day in one link for the completion of business operation, and by 2020, the whole process of business operation will be integrated into one link for the completion of business operation in 0.5 days." Guangzhou market supervision bureau related person in charge revealed. "Our investment experience tells us that the business environment suffers from a lot of procedures, high investment costs and a long output cycle," he said. As a business representative at the "understanding China" international conference in guangzhou, zeng qinghong, chairman of gac group, understood the importance of the business environment to the development of enterprises. Companies will invest where the business environment is good. One of the most important indicators affecting the quality of the business environment is the ease with which people and businesses can get things done. A "smart government affairs" platform with full coverage, services, standards and contents is gradually taking shape in guangzhou. Guangzhou has issued the work plan for promoting the construction of guangzhou's integrated online government service platform, and will gradually form a unified government information resource database to achieve the interconnectivity of government information, according to a person in charge of the guangzhou government service data administration bureau. Through the channel, mass data to speed up the flow. At present, 138 access units of guangzhou municipal government information sharing platform have exchanged a total of 42.974 billion pieces of data, more than 2010.9 million pieces of data per day. A total of 327 million pieces of information were exchanged on the urban government service information system interconnection platform, with more than 500,000 pieces of information Shared every day. The joint examination and approval platform for engineering construction projects has handled a total of 5,011 projects, involving 9,591 pieces of examination and approval business. The "seamless connection" of the data of each platform simplifies the working process and reduces the running times. The integrated window service enables the public and enterprises to work on the spot "only enter one door" and "only reach one window". Now, when citizens and enterprises come to guangzhou municipal government service hall located in zhujiang new city, they can handle 1,002 items of government service involving 36 examination and approval departments. These matters have been brought into the scope of "one window" comprehensive acceptance, greatly reducing the cost of doing things. "We will also make it easier for the public to provide examination and approval services on the basis of the 'one-window acceptance and comprehensive services' we have taken the lead in." Zhang wentao, party secretary and director of guangzhou municipal government service data administration, said. The "smart government" platform speeds up the enterprise's work, but this is only the tip of the iceberg when enterprises encounter "pain points" and "blocking points" in the process of growth. Heavy tax burden, complicated procedures to obtain water and electricity, difficult financing, expensive intellectual property protection is not in place... A series of problems lie in front of the enterprise, what is needed is guangzhou to build a more efficient enterprise full life cycle service system, to bring practical help to the enterprise. Since last October in guangzhou issued the guangzhou business environment comprehensive reform pilot scheme ", in the year to march on the some measures to further optimize the environment of doing business in guangzhou, and then to the release of "the plan", a year's time, guangzhou optimization deployment through doing business, and gradually release the reform dividends. In the first half of this year, a total of 23.88 billion yuan of tax cuts were made in guangzhou, leaving 3.064 million people without personal income tax. Business establishment was reduced to two working days, and the tax facilitation reform created "seven national leaders and one provincial leader". The approval time of the electrical, water and gas outside project was reduced to less than 5 working days. First try to set up a "guangzhou sample" new enterprises, engraved a seal to how much money? At the beginning of the New Year, miss zhang of guangzhou siting network technology co., ltd. received the "New Year gift" from huangpu district and guangzhou development zone -- the district's free stamps for enterprises, which made her feel the improvement of the business environment. How long does it take to clear a bottle of red wine? In the past, the red wine should be inspected at the spot and then sampled in the laboratory, together with other procedures, which will last for more than 10 days. Thanks to nansha's "77 guidelines for improving the business environment", wine can now be cleared in as little as three hours. From a free official seal to the speedy clearance of a bottle of wine, the "guangzhou sample" of doing business is sketching out in detail. The "millennium business capital" is planning to further accelerate high-quality development and make the reform of the business environment a top priority. Known as the "soft power" business environment, in guangzhou there have been "hard measures" to support. The first business environment reform bureau in the province, the "do it once you come and get it done" examination and approval service, the only comprehensive reform experiment on the use and protection of intellectual property rights in China, the policy implementation service... The business service signs of huangpu district and guangzhou development zone have already been well known throughout the country. The action plan for building a pilot zone for the reform and innovation of business environment in guangdong province in guangzhou high-tech zone (huangpu district) (2019-2022) was quickly issued, which pressed the "acceleration key" of optimizing the business environment with 28 reforms and 45 specific measures. Action is the most convincing, implementation is the real kung fu, a series of actions to improve the business environment for guangzhou enterprises to remove obstacles. "As long as we have the paperwork ready, the staff in the district will take us to solve any problem we encounter." Recently, guangzhou hexin instrument co., LTD. Chairman zhou zhen is busy building hexin industrial park. He felt deeply that the construction of industrial park needed to be approved by multiple departments. What could not be done in three or four months in the past could be done in three days now. "Foot does not go out the door, on the net 2 hours to do all procedures!" In April this year, nansha district took the lead in implementing the business registration confirmation system. Holding the first commercial registration confirmation system business license, guangzhou xinhua real estate co., LTD. Business development director hou yi excited. In the convenience of "staying at home", one by one, leading the whole country in the implementation of measures, the business environment reform "guangzhou sample" is also gradually clear. "We will also launch business environment reform 3.0 to create a better environment for business development and to provide dynamic space for businesses of all types. We have full confidence in guangzhou's future." Guangzhou greater bay area office executive deputy director, deputy director of the city's development and reform commission Chen jianrong said. Zhou linsheng, chairman of guangdong institute of institutional reform, said that guangzhou has unique advantages in building a modern and international business environment. "As the 'city of commerce for thousands of years', guangzhou has an inclusive and open urban spirit. People from other places can integrate into the local community very quickly without feeling strange." At the same time, he stressed that public resources such as education and health care make people willing to live and work in guangzhou, which is a plus for the business environment in guangzhou. According to the plan issued this time, guangzhou should firmly adhere to the "program" of building the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area, with the highest, best and best standards, and stimulate the market vitality to a greater extent through effective reform, so as to enhance the internal driving force and unleash the potential of domestic demand. To this end, zhou said, it is guangzhou's mission as one of the core engines of regional development in the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area. "Guangzhou should play a leading role in the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area. We should be more courageous, more responsible and more innovative in improving the business environment and deepening institutional reform," he said. He mentioned. "The business environment in guangzhou has been improving in recent years, such as the reform of the examination and approval system and the electronization of government services. Zhou believes that in the coming business environment reform, guangzhou may be able to make greater efforts to build a generic technology platform to help enterprises solve more technical problems. He also suggested that, in order to guide the development of higher quality industries, guangzhou could also increase the scale of industrial guiding funds to create a more healthy and dynamic industrial growth environment.