Holding hands with hillhouse for the first anniversary, xinruipeng group is seeking 3 to 5 billion yuan of pre-ipo financing

Release Time:2020-04-03 Source:

December 4, according to insiders, the new ruipeng group is preparing the final round of financing before the listing, the financing scale is initially set at 3 to 5 billion yuan. Recently, xinruipeng group announced that it has fully completed the integration, including the restructuring and reorganization of the overall legal structure, and the selection of the appropriate intermediary agencies, entering the next stage of seeking a listing. Next, new rui peng group will focus on operation and management, make the pet industry ecology, from a new retail, information supply chain, talent education, Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other multiple directions upgrade enterprise operation management, more than 1300 and the future of the group more pet hospital to realize integration, three-dimensional and comprehensive fu to wisdom. It is reported that ruipeng pet medical group was founded in 1998, and its business covers medical treatment, food, supplies and other needs, almost covering all sectors of the pet industry. In August 2016, ruipeng was launched on the new third board. In 2017, it launched a private placement, with a valuation of more than 1 billion. In August 2018, ruipeng signed a strategic cooperation agreement with hillhouse capital. Hillhouse injected 1.6 billion yuan into ruipeng, and hillhouse integrated its pet hospital with ruipeng, bringing ruipeng pet medical group into the era of the new ruipeng group. Currently, xinruipeng has more than 1,300 pet hospitals in 89 cities nationwide. Cao wei, a partner at hillhouse capital and co-chairman of xinruipeng group, said that in 2020, xinruipeng will increase its market coverage by more than 30%. Not long ago, xinruipeng announced that the integration has been fully completed, ending the transition period and entering the refined operation period. New rui peng has completed various molecular company equity reorganization, legal, financial, business practices, to establish the function of system, the operating system and internal control system, and formed in the field of pet medical chain management refinement, process standardization, the internationalization of technology and operation coordination system of wisdom, support medical group, embellish, priests yue education group, the new supply chain retail business, information Internet group, diagnostic group a total of six major cause of common development.