Eggshell apartments are expected to go public in the United States this year, raising $600 million to $700 million

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Eggshell apartment is planning to go public in the us as soon as this year, raising between $600m and $700m, according to we media "IPO early knew". Blue whale real estate to relevant personage seeks a proof, but the other side did not reply. According to public information, eggshell apartment is a high-end white-collar apartment brand owned by ziwutong (Beijing) asset management co., LTD., which was founded in January 2015. It is an Internet long-rented apartment operator covering Shared apartments and whole rented apartments. At present, it has covered 13 markets including Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, suzhou, hangzhou, tianjin, wuhan, nanjing, chengdu, wuxi, chongqing and xi 'an, with nearly 500,000 rooms under management. 58 to guest, chief analyst at adenocarcinoma of the blue whale property analysis, from the current development scale, eggshell rent apartments located in industry field, rent the apartment market is still at the stage "and" pack, this phase will still have many new entrants, to the next stage of "oligarch competition" have power, this stage of the scale and coverage in the domestic main market still is very important, eggshell apartment plan listed is in order to enhance their financial strength, good enough "ammunition" for the large-scale competition reserves. Blue whale real estate according to the information obtained by eye of heaven, since its establishment in 2015, eggshell apartment has obtained 6 rounds of financing. In march this year, eggshell apartment completed a series C financing of usd 500 million, which was jointly led by tiger global fund and ant financial service, followed by CMC capital, gaorong capital, joy capital and primahua capital, etc., with a post-investment valuation of over usd 2 billion. It is worth noting that, as an industry highly dependent on capital and real estate resources, "profitability" is still the biggest problem in the long lease industry. At the same time, with the contraction of primary market funds in recent years, the problem of long - term rental apartments is frequent. Eggshell apartment has also been exposed in the development process of false publicity, the use of cash loans, serious formaldehyde problems in the house and the existence of security risks and other problems. Yan yuejin, a financial commentator on blue whale real estate, pointed out that similar issues are likely to cause concern among investors. In the follow-up, some problems in the operation need to be actively solved, especially in the stage of preparation for listing, brand management needs to be strengthened, so as to form better investment opportunities and market evaluation.