Yuntian lifei completed 1 billion RMB F round - pre-listing financing

Release Time:2020-04-03 Source:

On April 3, news, learned that focus on visual field of artificial intelligence (ai) yuntian LiFei complete F wheel - listed top 1 billion RMB financing, the investor for light far (led), guangdong wealth of venture capital (led), walden international (led), Sirius and deep big investment, capital, China HuaKong funds, bank of China guangdong goods, international, CCB international, its gold capital, venture capital of China and the United States, shenzhen publishing group, deep to a fund. It is understood that the cloud sky lifei committed to the structure of the physical world through AI technology, to create digital twin cities. Relying on a first-class team of international experts and a "full stack" AI technology platform, the company has created products and solutions for public security, social governance, new business, AIoT and other fields, which have been widely used in more than 100 cities and regions in shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, hangzhou, Qingdao, chengdu, dongguan and southeast Asia. According to incomplete statistics, yuntian lifei enterprises in the field of enterprise services this year a total of 6 financing. The investor, guangyuan capital, was established in 2014 as the private equity management team of China everbright holdings, and then split up and developed independently. It mainly focuses on three aspects: first, new energy, such as solar energy and wind power; Second, great health is closely related to people's life; Third, financial IT services. Guangyuan capital (leading investment), recently also invested in 100Audio and other enterprises.