Shenzhen has taken multiple measures to promote the work of attracting investment

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[abstract] recently, the commerce bureau of shenzhen municipality has held the 2020 business promotion and investment mobilization meeting for the city's commerce system through video conference, inviting global investors to make deep investment. Source: special representative office of the ministry of commerce in shenzhen recently, shenzhen bureau of commerce through a video conference, the city's business system in 2020 to attract investment mobilization conference, inviting global investors to deep investment. In 2020, shenzhen will focus on the introduction of over 1 billion yuan of major industrial projects, world top 500 enterprises investment projects, large headquarters projects, "unicorn" enterprise projects and other quality industrial projects. The city will form a joint force, maintain the strength, and firmly recruit "excellent business" action will not waver. First, the online "cloud investment" system version 1.0, to technology to productivity. SHENZHEN global investment SYSTEM (INVEST SHENZHEN NETWORK SYSTEM) version 1.0 integrated investment invitation, advantages, investment services, city profiles, project consulting services and six modules into an organic whole, implementation does not meet the "cloud merchants" and project the whole process "cloud services", meet the needs of the age of the Internet, in the global outbreak spread out investment promotion work, both through NETWORK links with investors, to achieve reunification of the foreign investment and domestic project management platform. One platform, one window, one door to accept, one key handling, one key analysis, greatly improve the work efficiency, to achieve "from science and technology to productivity". Second, targeted at key enterprises to carry out industrial chain "precise investment". Watching the world top 500 and development trend of large enterprises, accurate grasp its strategies to carry out the "point-to-point merchants", major mining project investment opportunities, identify a new generation of information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, green low carbon, biological medicine, digital economy, new materials, and other areas of the 12 industry, integrated circuit, artificial intelligence, 5 g 32 subdivision industry such as the mobile communications, commerce and trade circulation, 1000 key enterprises investment target as the key, through continuous push investment information, has been working with most of the well-known enterprises at home and abroad to establish contact, and city at present stage, the district government and the enterprises with investment intention more than 500. Third, each district innovates the investment promotion work "hundred flowers blossom". Under the situation of global epidemic spreading, shenzhen business system breaks through the limitation of traditional investment promotion methods and innovates in remote investment promotion, video negotiation and online contract signing. In the first quarter, qianhai vigorously promoted the APP "I qianhai", signed contracts for videos of major projects, and sent a letter to friends of entrepreneurs on the Internet. Futian district to improve the intelligent platform for investment promotion, promote the work of "Internet + investment promotion"; Luohu district "cloud contract" project RMB 28.4 billion, China railway real estate and other key projects settled; Three enterprises with a registered capital of more than 100 million yuan shall be settled in yantian district, and the project tracking system shall be implemented. Nanshan district has tracked and served 61 major investment promotion projects, and carried out investment promotion work for industrial chains such as intelligent manufacturing, digital information and biomedicine. Baoan district promoted the registration and settlement of 11 enterprises, and innovatively launched the "baoan cloud investment" WeChat small program; Longgang district network platform held the "industrial Internet industry investment promotion meeting" to discuss electronic information and 5G industry investment promotion; Longhua district successfully introduced a sino-foreign joint venture with an investment of 500 million yuan -- shenzhen sant hydraulic technology co., LTD. Pingshan district through the "online investment" "cloud contract" way, the introduction of investment of 300 million yuan hong kong-invested kaiyao biomedical technology co., ltd. and other epidemic prevention materials production enterprises; Guangming district successfully transferred 9 cases of industrial land, promoted the settlement of 14 projects, and held two online investment promotion meetings. Dapeng new area through online video "cloud investment", to promote the global investment conference project landing; The shenzhen-shantou special cooperation zone has promoted the resumption of work and production at 131 investment projects, with a resumption rate of more than 97 percent.