Unisplendour's pre-ipo financing: state fund and Shanghai state capital were revealed to have invested 4.5 billion yuan

Release Time:2020-04-03 Source:

On March 17, learned that is sprints the scientific innovation board unigroup will win the new round of capital injection, the investors are respectively the national integrated circuit industry investment fund (the national big fund) phase ii and Shanghai state capital, both invested 2.25 billion yuan. In may last year, unisplendour announced that it had started preparations for the launch of the board. According to the plan previously disclosed by unigroup, the company plans to complete the PreIPO round of financing and the overall restructuring in 2019, and it is expected to formally apply for the listing materials of science and innovation board in 2020. The main body of unisplendent is Beijing unisplendent technology co., LTD., and unisplendent group's subsidiary unisplendent spreadtrum investment and unisplendent new microelectronics hold 57.14% and 16.81% of its shares respectively. Intel (China) owns 14.29 percent of the company. In addition, the largest shareholder of unigroup spreadtrum investment is a combination of unigroup and large funds, the proportion of the two holdings is 63.7% and 30%. Because of this level of equity relations, the big fund was originally the indirect shareholder of unigroup. In October last year, unisplendent was listed on the Beijing equity exchange to raise 5 billion yuan in capital, giving it a post-investment valuation of 55 billion yuan and transferring 20 percent of its old shares at a pre-investment valuation of 50 billion yuan. At that time, there were rumors that purple light at this juncture in the transfer of the old shares in order to introduce strategic resources. Because of its status as a state-owned enterprise, no matter whether it is adding new shareholders or selling old shares, it must be listed on the exchange and go through the process of state-owned enterprise management. At that time rumor big fund and Shanghai state - owned assets may want to take over this part of the equity. However, due to the unisplendour not publicly disclosed the round of financing details, after the financing, how the shares are not clear. Core stratagem research wen-jun gu, chief analyst, for a long time, is one of the few global mobile phone platform, one of the three chip company, show sharp openness, platform, support and strategic value is the biggest, "mobile phone shipments in these two years, the mobile phone chips competition is intense, show sharp's performance is affected, but its value is very big, has higher strategic." Zhangrui is one of the two domestic mobile phone chip platform companies, with 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G complete mobile phone chip technology. Since huawei haisi's mobile phone chip is not sold to the outside world, zhanrui is the only third-party mobile phone chip company in China. In terms of 5G communication technology, in February this year, unigroup officially released the first 5G SoC (integrated chip) -- huben T7520, which adopts 6nm (nano) EUV (multi-layer extreme ultraviolet) manufacturing process. We have more than 4500 employees in China, more than 90% of whom are r&d personnel. Chu qing, CEO of unigroup, said in an interview on August 15 last year: "we believe it will be a huge boost to China's high-tech industry. We will certainly live up to expectations. "Both the customer level, our strategic partners, and the government science and technology officials who are concerned about us all want to see a successful ipo as soon as possible, and we are preparing for that."