"Inspur cloud" announced the completion of the C round of financing and will launch the scientific innovation board listing

Release Time:2020-04-03 Source:

Inspur announced at the online eco-partner conference on March 17 that it had completed the series C financing, but the investor has not been disclosed yet. It is reported that this round of financing valuation exceeded 10 billion yuan. After the financing, inspur will invest 1 billion yuan in the construction of the ecosystem, hoping to increase the scale of the ecosystem partner to more than 6,500 and train another 5,000 inspur cloud certification engineers. The company completed the series B financing in July 2019, with A post-investment valuation of 7 billion yuan. It also obtained the series A financing from blue economic zone industrial fund, tidal wave electronics and China wealth management capital in July 2018. Inspur cloud said it would launch the scientific innovation board listing at a later date, and this round of financing would also be the last round of financing before the listing. Inspur group has four enterprises in the capital market: inspur information, inspur software, inspur international and huaguang optoelectronics. As the cloud business platform of inspur group, inspur cloud will become the fifth capital market platform of the group if it is successfully listed. Currently, inspur cloud has 7 + 69 cloud data centers in China, and has formed four business segments of government cloud, industrial Internet, digital government and smart business. Among them, government cloud business has served more than 180 provinces and cities and 12 ministries and commissions, ranking first in the domestic government cloud market. Industrial Internet platform inspiredcloud in-cloud has been selected into the list of top ten cross-industry and cross-field industrial Internet platforms of the ministry of industry and information technology In 2019, and the platform has already built solutions for nine industries. In business development, inspur emphasizes the cooperation with ecological partners. In 2019, the scale of inspur cloud ecosystem partners has reached 4,000 +, and the number of inspur cloud certified engineers has reached 5,000 +, jointly providing services for more than 100,000 customers. Among them, inspur cloud and xiaoyu yilian jointly launched the video conference SaaS product, cooperated with shenxin cloud security service, launched the overall solution of industrial simulation cloud with anshi asia-pacific cooperation, an enterprise in the field of industrial informatization, and jointly launched the intelligent transportation scheme with didi will also be launched in many cities in China. Next, inspur cloud plans to build a full-stack new infrastructure platform, and launch the ICP platform of cloud sea, IOP technology center of cloud sea, IDP data center of cloud lake, and IMP business center of cloud river to serve ecological partners and customers. In addition, the company will also from the product development, delivery, iteration, promotion and application of partners to provide laboratory, development and solution design support.