Congratulations to hengdian film and television co., LTD.

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On October 12, 2017, hengdian film and television was officially listed on the Shanghai stock exchange, which is the fifth listed company under the banner of hengdian. Hengdian department currently has five listed companies, including hengdian film and television co., LTD., hengdian dongshi co., LTD., plo pharmaceutical co., LTD., yingluo hua co., LTD., and debang lighting co., LTD., and nanhua futures co., LTD., which has received feedback from the IPO queue, hengdian department will have six listed companies in the a-share market in the future. In 2016, hengdian group realized a total revenue of 63.1 billion yuan, and its total assets have reached 70 billion yuan! When referring to "hengdian", we can only think of movies, but in fact, it has already owned five a-share listed companies, and A "hengdian system" is taking shape in many fields, such as film and television, medicine, new materials and finance. It was xu wenrong, an octogenarian who still considers himself a farmer, who created the legend. In the model of hengdian, he constantly explored new economic growth points and built hengdian into a super township enterprise with an annual revenue of nearly 50 billion yuan. In 1996, in order to cooperate with the shooting of the opium war, the first film and television shooting base -- guangzhou street scenic spot was built in hengdian town. Since then, hengdian group has invested 3 billion yuan to build more than 10 scenic spots, such as qin palace (1997), Hong Kong street (1998), jiangnan water town (1999), Ming and qing dynasties palace, riverside scene at qingming festival, Chinese cultural park, Ming and qing dynasties folk houses, dream valley and so on. In order to attract domestic and overseas production staff, hengdian world studios is free of charge for all scenes for film and television shooting and provides supporting services such as scene making, props, costumes, makeup, vehicle, equipment rental and extras. In the past, film and TV series were often made with crews of hundreds of people. Go to hengdian to take a play, the director waits for a few advocate to come over ok, can "take a book to come, take a film to go". As a film and television industry park, hengdian world studios has promoted the development of film and television industry in zhejiang province and even in the whole country. This "cross country" is hard to recreate and difficult to surpass. Hengdian film and television co., LTD will resolutely realizes a series of important thoughts about the construction of socialist culture power, positive response strategy, the development of cultural industry in zhejiang province always follow hengdian group "to create, a total of, rich, sharing together" the core values and "do the most social responsibility of enterprises" business mission. To further accelerate the national strategic layout, continue to enhance the value of hengdian film and television brand, to build the company into a leading enterprise in the national cultural industry, become the forefront of the national cultural promotion.