Nanjing hi-tech zone (pukou park) opened 9 international cooperation projects and signed contracts on the spot

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[abstract] on the morning of April 1, the reform promotion conference of pukou high-tech zone (pukou park, nanjing high-tech zone) was held in the pukou kechuang square. At the same time, the board was unveiled in pukou park, nanjing high-tech zone. Nine international cooperation projects from Australia, the "root country", were settled in the cloud. On the morning of April 1, the reform promotion conference of pukou high-tech zone (pukou park, nanjing high-tech zone) was held in pukou kechuang square. Pukou park, nanjing high-tech zone, was inaugurated at the same time. Breaking the law: the reform gene entrusts a new mission to development. Pukou to carry out the "nanjing high-tech zone to deepen reform of management system implementation plan" general requirements, institutional reform as the breach, reform and don't stop the opportunity, to seize reform the energy release of reform, reform efforts, to ensure that all work in an orderly way, smooth and orderly, enrich the nanjing comprehensively deepen management system reform in the zone "pukou samples".. It is understood that the key of the reform is on solve the problem of the ac and kechuang group enterprise division of labor, do real kechuang group realized in the form of marketization of pukou garden by "single function of the industrial park" to "city fusion development" transition, from investment "enclosure" to "industry investment management" transformation, mainly managed by the government to "small government, big service management" transformation, promote the healthy and sustainable development in the industrial park. Layout: running to complete the "formation" change of a point deployment, nine points to implement. Of pukou high-tech zone of repeated research, and finally form the nanjing high-tech zone (pukou garden) management system mechanism reform plan, determine the target evaluation and performance incentives and the combination of talent cultivation with cadre exchanges, focusing on the basic principles of combining the main industry and cohesion, to reform and development of parallel propulsion, running to complete various "formation" transformation, to ensure that teams do not come loose, work continuously. In pukou park, the functions of the management committee are focused on preparing the park plan, promoting key projects, developing leading industries and implementing service projects. The ac will adopt a full staff employment system, establish a cadre appointment mechanism that is able to get in and out, and let the fittest survive, so as to promote two-way exchanges between the ac and government departments and street cadres. In kechuang group, we are committed to developing and holding a large number of science and technology carriers to provide high-quality space carriers for enterprises in the zone, and serve as a stabilizer for gathering high-tech industrial resources, so as to build a first-class domestic park system development and comprehensive service provider. The group implements the key performance indicator (KPI) assessment system, and sets up the value orientation of being able to go up and down, doing more and getting more. On March 16, pukou high-tech zone took the innovation of investment promotion mechanism as the "first gun" of the reform of the park system, held the defense of investment promotion group leader competition, selected 8 investment promotion talents, and reorganized the investment promotion team. After the completion of the investment promotion system reform, the team leaders and members of each team were quickly put in place to clarify the functional division of the comprehensive team and the investment promotion team and immediately carry out the work. Since the establishment of pukou high-tech zone in 2017, the strategic resources accumulated not only include scientific and technological innovation resources and industrial research and development institutions, but also include specific "gold medal services" and "fruitful results" of taking root in Australia. During the epidemic, pukou park, a high-tech zone in nanjing, gathered global innovation resources and negotiated a number of overseas science and technology innovation projects in the form of "cloud road show". The project leaders expressed their willingness to actively cooperate with the "screen to screen" approach to sign contracts. On the spot of the conference, the reformed pukou park of nanjing high-tech zone held a ceremony of "cloud signing" for the centralized rooted projects, and nine international cooperation projects were signed and settled in the K space accelerator of pukou park. So far, three projects have completed the registration procedures and received business licenses. "Over the past year and more, we have made innovations in the international arena, focused on our main businesses, improved our mechanisms, and kept our focus on innovation. We have expanded our circle of friends overseas and extended the international innovation chain. Under the strong promotion of "root visit", pukou high-tech zone has continuously developed "acceleration", and its core indicators have doubled year by year. It continues to strive for the first place, and has made remarkable achievements. Pukou district director cao hailian said at the meeting. Ten years, a hundred years. Today, pukou park of nanjing high-tech zone set a long-term goal at the reform conference, that is, strive to reach the level of national high-tech zone by 2030. Based on its unique resource endowment, pukou park will quickly find and establish its position and role with market-oriented and internationalized resource allocation. Pukou park is committed to constantly reshape itself in the process of iteration and transformation to become a new round of economic growth pole. (liu tao, xie linglong)