During the outbreak, Qingdao helped the company raise funds to go public in Europe

Release Time:2020-04-03 Source:

Qingdao news network on March 3 (reporter liu qianqian) since the outbreak of covid-19, Qingdao local financial supervision administration actively with the help of mobile Internet office means, to provide enterprises with policy advice and quality services. Recently, the local financial supervision bureau also helped Qingdao local high-quality enterprise -- Qingdao yuanhai Marine biotechnology co., ltd. to communicate with overseas institutions such as the China Europe international exchange in Germany, so as to obtain first-hand information on the overseas capital market and open up the channel for Qingdao enterprises to go overseas for listing and financing. Previously disclosed source seabed European listing launch bulletin. Qingdao yuanhai Marine biotechnology co., ltd. is a leading enterprise in China's sea-cooling powder industry. Its featured product "yuanhai sea-cooling powder" has been rated as the intangible cultural heritage of Qingdao and one of the top ten tourist products in Qingdao for many years, with a turnover of over 100 million yuan. On February 19, the company decided to start work on a European listing. City local financial supervision bureau after aware, immediately contact the enterprise and to understand relevant information in detail, according to the municipal government attaches great importance to the capital market development, actively promote the policy guidance of Qingdao enterprises listed overseas financing, city local financial supervision bureau actively assisted source underwater docking overseas experts, obtaining firsthand information, promote public process. On February 25, the municipal financial supervision bureau invited ceibs and Qingdao yuanhai Marine biotechnology co., ltd. to hold a video conference. Chen zhiyong, executive director of China Europe international exchange, and qian Ming, executive director of Marketing Department, introduced in detail the development of China Europe international exchange and the policy standards for enterprises to be listed in China Europe international exchange, and answered the questions of liu chaozhong, chairman of yuyuan subsea Marine biotechnology co., LTD. "I am especially grateful to the local financial supervision bureau for their care and support for our smes, which gives us the opportunity to communicate directly with overseas listing experts. Now I am full of confidence in going to the European listing!" Chairman liu chaozhong said excitedly. Next, city local financial supervision bureau will continue to be in accordance with requirements of the municipal party committee and municipal government, positive innovation means during outbreaks, help more Qingdao local high quality enterprise and the London stock exchange, the China Europe international exchange, the Tokyo stock exchange and other overseas institutions communication and docking, access to overseas capital market information, to Qingdao enterprises listed overseas financing channel.