Jingzhou development zone issues 15 "dry goods policies"

Release Time:2020-04-03 Source:

[abstract] the development of jingzhou issued "about dealing with COVID - 19 outbreak support rules on industrial companies spend challenges article 15 measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), from the enterprise burden, increasing the fiscal and taxation support and strengthen the financial support three aspects to formulate the policy of "dry" and return to work and production injection "booster" for the enterprise. Recently, jingzhou development zone issued the "fifteen measures to support industrial enterprises in coping with covid-19 epidemic" (hereinafter referred to as "measures"), which formulated "dry goods policies" from three aspects, namely, reducing the burden on enterprises, increasing fiscal and tax support and strengthening financial support, so as to inject a "shot in the heart" for enterprises to resume work and production. In terms of reducing the burden on enterprises, the measures proposed to implement the stable employment policy, and to provide subsidies of no more than 50% to 70% of the total amount of unemployment insurance premiums actually paid by the insured enterprises in the previous year, if the unemployment rate is lower than that of the registered urban unemployment rate in the overall planning areas. We will allow the payment of social security fees to be deferred, and allow social insurance businesses to be restarted within three months after the epidemic is over. From February to June this year, all types of insured enterprises have paid premiums for old-age insurance, unemployment insurance and industrial injury insurance. The premiums have been reduced and deducted by half, and the premiums paid by employees' basic medical insurance units have been levied. Enterprises that are really affected by the travel difficulties can apply for a postponement of social insurance premiums of no more than 6 months. The subsidy for new employees will be provided to enterprises that started production on January 24, 2016 (solstice) and March 10 of this year in accordance with the standard of 2,000 yuan for each new employee. Support production and operation, and subsidize the living, accommodation and transportation of production enterprises and employees on duty during the Spring Festival. In terms of fiscal and tax support, the measures stipulate that enterprises producing key materials for epidemic prevention and control, in order to expand production capacity, are allowed to deduct the newly purchased equipment into the current cost in a lump sum before the enterprise income tax, and can apply for full refund of the incremental VAT deduction on a monthly basis. Those who fail to pay the tax within the prescribed time limit may apply for an extension of not more than three months. For enterprises that have paid the same tax as last year and have paid more than 5 million yuan, we will give a reward of 1% of the tax revenue, a reward of 3% of the tax revenue for an increase of more than 10%, and a reward of 1% of the tax revenue for the first time this year for an increase of more than 5 million yuan. Extend the use time by six months for enterprises that have obtained 2019 annual scheduling funds; The investment amount agreed in the project entry agreement has been completed, and the manufacturing enterprises that invest more than 3 million yuan in technical renovation within this year will be subsidized by 10% of the investment amount of the equipment; We will simplify the process of export declaration, speed up the examination and approval process for foreign trade exports, and give 30% subsidies to enterprises for their export credit insurance premiums. To safety or advance the performance of the contract, the formal production of signed projects to give a reward of 100,000 yuan. In terms of strengthening financial support, the measures pointed out that in principle, the credit balance of enterprises in the banking sector in 2020 should not be lower than that of the same period in 2019. For key producers of materials for epidemic prevention and control, the interest rate on loans will be reduced by more than 10%, and the overall financing cost of new loans for small and micro businesses will be reduced by no less than 1 percentage point over the previous year. An important role in the epidemic prevention and control material support key medical supplies, daily necessities manufacturing enterprise in the national and provincial epidemic prevention and control key to ensure enterprise list, for corporate loans the central and provincial fiscal interest discount, not included in the list, but in the epidemic prevention and control effect of health and epidemic prevention, and other enterprises this year ten million yuan of new loans within the enterprise, actively strive for the upgrade for its fiscal interest discount policy. (reporter liu Juan correspondent yuan Lin liu lian)