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Hunan yuanjiang high-tech industrial park

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Located in yuanjiang city, hunan province, yuanjiang new and high technology industrial park is a provincial-level new and high technology industrial park approved by the people's government of hunan province in April 2012, with a planned area of 10 square kilometers. Yuanjiang is a famous commodity grain base, commodity fish base and commodity cotton base in China, which is rich in natural resources. In 2012, the industrial output value of the park exceeded 10 billion yuan for the first time, ranking among the top 20 of similar parks in hunan province. In 2013, it was awarded the top ten economic parks with the most investment value in xiangshang. In 2017, the total industrial output value of the park reached 25 billion yuan, including 23 billion yuan of large-scale industrial output value and 198 million yuan of paid-in taxes of industrial enterprises in the park. There are 135 enterprises in the park, among which 94 are above designated size, forming four leading industries: equipment manufacturing led by zoomlion, food processing led by hot girls, garment manufacturing led by new horse clothing company, and ship manufacturing led by sunbird company.