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Guang 'an (shenzhen) industrial park

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In November 2011, the shenzhen municipal government and the guang 'an municipal government signed a framework agreement on cooperation between the two sides, which included mutual visits between the party and government and industrial cooperation. On August 17, 2014, at the first joint meeting of shenzhen-guangzhou cooperation, the joint industrial park jointly built by guangan (shenzhen) was officially awarded. Guangan and shenzhen established a regular high-level consultation system and agreed to hold an annual inter-city joint meeting. On September 28, 2016, guangan signed an agreement with shenzhen, and guangan (shenzhen) industrial park was substantially established. Guangan (shenzhen) industrial park is a characteristic industrial park jointly built by guangan and shenzhen, adjacent to the east of the main city of guangan, with a total planning area of about 28 square kilometers, and a development area of 15 square kilometers dominated by the park. Industrialization, specialization, capitalization, industrial park adhering to the "culture" development philosophy, high-end equipment manufacturing, intelligent electronic, prefabricated construction, bonded logistics, health care, tourism service industry, such as through industrial development and urban development, shenzhen development in southwest of large platform and important manufacturing industry base in northeast sichuan; Created by the new economic growth pole and the city center, comprehensive development of pilot city waste to produce fusion, create regional emerging manufacturing base, the urban leisure destination, industrial service center, public service centre, a think-tank, highland heights and financial capital, new town construction things collaboration industry demonstration base, shenzhen industry demonstration base. "Shenguang · canal jiangyun valley" incubation park, byd "cloud rail" southwest production base and other projects settled in the industrial park.